’80s-’90s | Apocalypse Prom: DJ LANATRON
Sat. Dec.31
9 p.m.
Tin Roof

It’s the end of the year as we know it, and we all feel fine seeing 2016 go. Come celebrate the death of the year with DJ Lanatron’s annual New Year’s Eve middle school prom. According to Lanatron, known to civilians as Loni Lewis, the middle school part emphasizes that it’s a casual affair, not like those aristocratic high school proms. “It’s a low-pressure prom,” says Lewis. This year’s prom theme will be Apocalypse 2016, but will change to Prisms (colors and rainbows) when the calendar rolls over to 2017. As Lewis puts it, “Let’s leave the apocalypse in 2016.” Creative costumes are encouraged, but not required, so feel free to dress in street clothes or like the Road Warrior. Many prom activities will be present, like drinking, snacks, and even some old school favorites. “Everybody gets really into it and sings along and does cheesy slow dancing,” Lewis says. Some of the tunes representing Armageddon will be “End of the World as We Know It” by R.E.M., Lena’s “99 Luftballoons,” and “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies. And if anyone’s worried that there aren’t enough thematic jams to fill the night, DJ Lanatron has gotten ready for this like a doomsday prepper. “I did do an Apocalypse playlist way back in the day.” —Heath Ellison SATURDAY

w/ She Returns From War
Thurs. Jan. 5
7 p.m.
PURE Theatre

The most recent album by Valley Maker, which is essentially singer/songwriter Austin Crane with a semi-regular cast of collaborators, is an exercise in mood. On When I Was A Child, layers of haunting vocal harmonies careen through a reverb-soaked, massive-sounding production backdrop, framed only by Crane’s delicate, spidery acoustic guitar and his fragile, angular voice. So the question is, how does Crane reproduce those songs live, especially given that he often plays solo? The answer is that he doesn’t reproduce them as much as he recasts them. “I’ve enjoyed re-imagining the live set based on the circumstances of the show,” Crane says. “Instead of seeing it as a limitation I’m seeing it as an opportunity to play the songs in new kinds of ways. I feel like before this year I wasn’t always comfortable as a solo performer, but I’ve come to enjoy it. I’ve been playing electric guitar a good bit instead of acoustic, and it’s been really helpful in maintaining that atmosphere. It still feels dynamic.” —Vincent Harris THURSDAY

PUNK ROCK | Motormouth Mabel
w/ Drunk Couples and The Frizz
Fri. Dec. 30
9 p.m.
Tin Roof

For the past few years, the members of the veteran Charleston punk band Motormouth Mabel have been pursuing various careers in the film and music industries. They’ve typically played one show a year here in town and one in Atlanta, so their concerts have become less typical gigs and more reunion parties. “Three of us live in Atlanta, and one lives in New York,” says Motormouth guitarist Tobias Denney. “We’re all busy, busy people, and we all have other bands we play in. That’s what makes this show fun. It’s not so much about the band playing, but it’s about people getting together. A lot of people look forward to it — that’s why we call it more of a holiday party.” The band has tried to put out at least one seven-inch vinyl single a year to go along with the rare live performances, but this year their plan is a bit different. “We recorded a seven-inch that didn’t get pressed in time,” Denney says. “So we’re releasing what we’re calling the Motormouth Mix Tape, which is a collection of live songs, alternate takes, and rare tracks.” —Vincent Harris FRIDAY

METAL | Tripping the Mechanism
w/ Wildspeaker and Anergy
Thurs. Dec. 29
9 p.m.
The Sparrow

This is Tripping the Mechanism’s first show since the release of Dead Letters back in June. Recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, the album was helmed by Phillip Cope and Jay Matheson, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and released on double seven-inch vinyl and digitally. “The album deals with various psychological concepts rooted in horror fantasy that is inspired by Clive Barker’s novel The Great & Secret Show,” says bassist/vocalist Paisley Addams. The guys are back after completing an East Coast tour that took the trio from Miami to Boston, and for their homecoming gig they’ll be joined by Anergy, a new, local grunge, punk, and jazz ensemble and touring act Wildspeaker, a black metal/crust band out of Texas that Noisey called “damn near perfect.” —Kelly Rae Smith THURSDAY

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