McLeod Plantation’s new art series presents visitors with artistic and cultural expressions inspired by the people who once inhabited the plantation — and this weekend they host Sonja Griffin Evans and her American Gullah paintings. On March 4 and 5 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. visitors can check out Evans’ work (and talk to the artist herself), free with admission to McLeod.

A description of Evans’ work reads, “The American Gullah Collection effectively communicates the Gullah culture and Lowcountry living with its viewers. Each piece lures viewers into the paintings and leaves them with a desire to learn more about this captivating Pan African American cultural treasure.” Born and raised in Beaufort, S.C., Evans knows a thing or two about Lowcountry heritage, something that comes through in her mixed media pieces.

McLeod continues its art series on Sun. April 23 with a Lowcountry Voices concert, featuring the choral group performing African hymns, spirituals, and gospel music. Evans returns on Sat. May 20 for a guided painting program, Capture History with Art at McLeod Plantation. And on Sun. June 18, guests can join Kendra Hamilton, author of The Goddess of Gumbo and Romancing the Gullah, for a poetry reading and book signing. Advance registration is required for the April 23 and May 20 events.

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