S.C. lawmakers are debating how to handle funding the state’s retirement new and existing state workers. Source: Myrtle Beach Sun News

State unemployment went up slightly last month, partially due to more S.C. residents entering the workforce. Source: WSPA

Some 40,000 people are expected in the Upstate for the already-sold out early rounds of the NCAA tournament which will feature USC, Duke, and UNC all playing at Bon Secours Arena. Source: WYFF

State Rep. James Smith is reportedly getting closer to announcing his intention to run for governor in 2018. Source: P&C

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey was awarded the Order of the Palmetto on Friday, the state’s highest civilian honor. Source: P&C

State Superintendent Molly Spearman says a recent ranking of education systems nationally which pegged S.C. as last place relied too much on ACT exams and didn’t take into account state apprenticeship and career programs that offer an option for students not pursuing a four-year degree. Source: Greenville Online

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