Boston-born Chef Barbara Lynch isn’t just a force in the food world, she’s now on Time’s 100 Most Influential People list. Why should you care? Because the powerhouse chef, who Padma Lakshmi described in Time‘s feature as a woman who “gets things done, even when they seem impossible,” is coming to Charleston this summer and will be a featured speaker at FAB, Randi Weinstein’s hospitality conference for women.

For FAB appearance, Lynch will be interviewed at Blue Bicycle Books by equally noteworthy food writer Kat Kinsman. And if Kinsman has anything to do with it, the talk will cover Lynch’s Time designation.

Today Kinsman tweeted:
[embed-1]Lynch will also be available during FAB at Charleston Grill dinner. FAB attendees can buy a seat to the meal for $150.

The FAB conference is open to women working in F&B and hospitality and is June 11 and 12. Tickets are $500-$700 per person.

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