Enough Pie’s month-long series of art exhibits, installations, and events, Awakening V: King Tides, starts this Sat. April 29 with the People’s Climate Parade at the Royal American at 9 a.m. A sister march to the People’s Climate March in D.C., this parade starts at Royal and ends at St. Julian Devine Community Center.

Before then, though, you can simply drive by Joseph Floyd Manor and check out Mary Edna Fraser’s batik, 100-foot all weather-banner.

In an artist’s statement Fraser said, “As Charleston faces increasing high tides and flooding, our community is wise to educate ourselves. The science and art gathered by Enough Pie starts a needed conversation for our future preparedness.”

This is the fifth in a series of Awakening projects by Enough Pie — events created to engage the community and educate citizens about Charleston issues and ideas. The nonprofit started raising money for Awakening V in March, which goes toward installations and event programming. While Enough Pie has only raised $7,000 of its $20,000 goal, the show goes on.

In addition to Fraser’s banner and the climate parade, Charlestonians can check out Wade in the Water, John Duckworth’s large-scale, multi-media installation at Redux’s new location starting May 18; And Yet It Grows, a sculpture constructed using materials found during New Market Tidal Creek clean-up days at The Royal American; Illuminate, Vassiliki Falkehag’s exterior installation at The Southern; Wave of Hope, the culmination of St. Julian Devine and Enough Pie’s weekly knitting circles; Under the Sea, exterior murals at the City Pool, with an opening reception on May 5; and Variable Boundaries, photographs by local engineer Jared Bramblett of flooded streets (read our preview of the show). Unless otherwise noted, all installations will be up starting Sat. April 29.

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