[embed-3] NFL coaches turned Clemson football dads Rob and Rex Ryan were seen getting into it with a few dudes at a Nashville bar over the weekend.

As if they were put there by the sports gods to start trouble, brothers Rob and Rex Ryan were seated at an open air table at Margaritaville in Nashville, Rob wearing a Clemson T-shirt and Rex wearing a Bryce Harper jersey.

Both ex-NFL coaches have sons who play Tiger football and from one of the videos, it looks like they were in town to watch the Nashville Pedators play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
[embed-2]Now, Rob’s Clemson shirt by itself isn’t too aggro, but as a known hot head wearing it in Nashville while the Tigers are playing the Vanderbilt Commodores in the college baseball playoffs, it might’ve/could’ve/probably made him the object of a little bit of ridicule.

But combined with Rex’s Bryce Harper jersey, generally accepted as the universal symbol for “wanna go, bro?”, they chummy unemployed ex-coaches just had to have been looking for it, right?

Of course, all this happened at a Margaritaville restaurant, so none if it is all that surprising.


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