LGBTLOL: A Night of Comedy returns to the Music Hall this Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. Presented in conjunction with Charleston Pride, the evening is hosted by local comedian Shawna Jarrett and features comedy from Sampson McCormick, Jenn Snyder, El Sanchez, Ian Aber, and Mimi Benfield. Tickets are $15 and you can buy them online.

Now, a little about the evening’s stars. Shawna Jarrett, a semi-finalist in 2016’s Charleston Stand-Up Comedy Competition, has performed with comics like Rob Haze and Tim Northern. She’s the host of the monthly Frothy Beard Comedy night and she produces a bunch of other showcases and concept shows around town. Read more about her in our August 2016 story, “Charleston’s female comedians are damn good at being funny.”

Sampson McCormick has been named “One of the Funniest” LGBT comics by HuffPo, and talks about race, religion, politics, and sexuality in his comedy; Jenn Snyder hails from Columbia, S.C., and tells stories of growing up a lesbian in a good ol’ boy town; El Sanchez is a Seattle-based comedian who has been featured in a the LGBTQ documentary short, “Oh, I Get It”; Atlanta-based comedian Ian Aber was a finalist in Stand Up NBC who utilizes fast-paced storytelling in his comedy; and Mimi Benfield a.k.a. the “gay of sunshine,” is a lesbian comedian based out of Charlotte, who has performed with the likes of Margaret Cho, Carlos Mencia, and Jen Kirkman.

Learn more about Charleston Pride week’s events, held this Sept. 16-23 online at

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