Local startup/new app JYVE has been invited to travel to Lisbon, Portugal in November to exhibit and pitch at WebSummit, where a little company called Uber got its start. With over 60,0000 attendees and 650 competing speakers from over 160 countries, WebSummit is the largest tech conference in the world.

JYVE is a music-booking app and the brainchild of local musician Brandon Brooks (Terraphonics, The Howling Moon Pimps). Back in May, the CEO took JYVE to exhibit to over 20,000 at global tech conference, Collision Conf, and placed in the top-three startups at the PITCH competition.

JYVE “streamlines communication in the local music scene by providing a platform where musicians, venues, and fans can connect.”

Brooks said on social media this week, “Looking forward to representing the Charleston tech and music scene … let’s go!”

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