Local poet Matt Foley recently left his job as a high school English teacher to teach yoga and write full time. He’s merged these two worlds — both focused on the cadence of movement, of breath, of words — in his third book of poetry, This One Breath:

“May all that I do
and all that I say
be a hymn
a hallelujah
a temple by the sea
a recitation
of all the names of God.

May every step I take
and every day I live
be proof of the miraculous:
the breaking of waves,
the beating of my heart,
the glory of this one breath.”
[content-3] Help Foley celebrate the release of his new book at favorite Foley hangout Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl Wed. Oct. 11 at 7 p.m.

This free poetry show will feature a performance by Foley, as well as Loren Mixon, who will read from her new book, Taking Up Space: A Poet’s Guide. Artwork by Nabil Aasiya-Bey, who created the illustrations for This One Breath, will also be on display and available for sale throughout the night. Copies of Foley’s book will be available for $15.

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