Few things say Christmas like cabaret. No, really. The intimate setting of a dark room, shining piano, and sultry voice puts us in the holiday spirit like nothing else. This season, What If? Productions presents two nights of their special holiday show aptly titled Holiday Mixtape, featuring decades of holiday hits. Performances take place at Threshold Repertory Theater on Thurs. Dec. 21 and Fri. Dec. 22 at 7:30 p.m. You can buy tickets online.

Holiday Mixtape features performances from Brian Porter, Tiffany Gammell, Kyle Barnette, and Nakeisha Daniel in what WIP describes as an “unconventional, and sometimes, completely traditional, night of holiday tunes.” Accompanist Kevin Thorn and bassist Fisher Wilson join the performers, playing tunes from Dean Martin to Dolly Parton. Enjoy hot cocoa or Rusty Bull beers while sitting back, relaxing, and getting cheery AF.

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