Charleston Music Hall loves Stanley Kubrick just as much as the next guy, which is why they’re rolling out their Stanley Kubrick Film Series this winter. All tickets are $8, and a pass to all four film screenings is $20. There’s an additional dinner and film option available for $32, and every screening starts at 7:30 p.m, with the Charleston Music Hall bar opening up at 7 p.m. The screenings run through January and February as follows:

Wed. Jan. 17
Dr. Strangelove: Deranged Brigadier Jack D. Ripper, convinced that the “commies” are sapping and contaminating “our precious bodily fluids,”decides to unilaterally start a nuclear WWIII. He orders the fleet of B-52 bombers at his command to drop their H-bombs on the U.S.S.R, much to the horror of his second-in-command Group Captain Lionel Mandrake. In the White House War Room, President Merkin Muffley doesn’t take this news too well. He drills his advisors, including Gen. Buck Turgidson and former Nazi scientist Dr. Strangelove on ways to stop the bombers from dropping their payload, but nothing can be done without the recall code … and Ripper’s the only one who knows it.
Thurs. Jan. 25
A Clockwork Orange: Alex is a teenage delinquent in far futuristic England, who leads a brutish gang of “droogs” on what are essentially, drug-induced pillaging missions throughout the city he lives in. During one night of this “ultraviolence,” Alex is jailed after bludgeoning the Cat Lady. Alex then submits to behavior modification technique to earn his freedom; he’s conditioned to abhor violence. Returned to the world defenseless, Alex becomes the victim of his prior victims.
Wed. Jan. 31
The Shining: Former teacher and recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance interviews for a caretaker job at the Overlook Hotel in an effort to rebuild his life after his volatile temper lost him his teaching position. The hotel manager, Mr. Stuart Ullman warns Jack that he and his family will be snowbound through most of the winter and of the potential risk for cabin fever. He drives the point home by recounting a season when the caretaker, Charles Grady, went crazy and brutally killed his wife, his two girls, and finally himself. Given his own desperation and the opportunity to pursue his true passion, writing, Jack acknowledges the warning, but accepts the job — the consequences of which unfold in horrific ways throughout the film.
Fri. Feb. 9
Full Metal Jacket: A two-segment story that follows the effect of the U.S military mindset and the Vietnam war on young Marines. The first segment follows a troop in boot camp under the brutal Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. The second segment follows a recruit, Joker, already in Vietnam during the Tet offensive.

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