Guests in feather boas lined up around the William Aiken house 20 minutes before the doors opened to Sunday’s Queens on King drag bunch. The newest event to Charleston’s Wine + Food fest brought some of the Southeast’s best drag queens, including Atlanta’s Monica Van Pelt of Lips, into the historic property for a party like it had never hosted before.

And thanks to lip syncing performances to Whitney Houston and Rihanna paired plenty of bubbles to go around, the breakfast and a show earned the fest rave reviews with guests like Lindsay Morris saying, “Every person I talked to was like ‘It was the best!’ It’s a top five moment for me and everyone is begging for it to be back next year.” Many complimented the progressiveness of the event thanks to its PRIDE parade feel. “There were gay pride stickers and people celebrating the recent marriage of the event’s emcee,” says Morris.
For Nick Fargo, it was a the perfect mix of fun and food.

“I’ve been coming to Wine and food fest for a years now. Our group definitely rated that event the best we’ve ever done,” said Fargo. “Not even the best tuck job could hide my excitement.”

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