Local four-piece Bizness Suit will rock My Father’s Mustache in Mount Pleasant this Sat. May 26 at 10 p.m. to celebrate the release of their new album, King. We caught up with the guys to get an idea of what’s in store with the 13-song-strong collection. Here’s what they had to say:

What was the biggest challenge you had writing and working on the new album?
The biggest challenge we had was picking which songs we wanted on the album. We’ve had a lot of material over the years that we have been working on and constantly tweaking, but all of it wasn’t necessarily a good match for the new album. We tend to grow attached to each song a little, so when we cut about half of the prepared songs and picked out our favorites, needless to say it caused some debate. We recorded over 20 songs and managed to trim it down to 13.

How did the album come together songwriting-wise, and was there a prominent theme or muse?
We started working on this album as soon as our first one was done. For about 2 years, we’d write and practice and write some more and see what we wanted to keep working on. We added a new member to the band, guitarist Hunter Moss, which allowed us to pursue a heavier, more classic rock-influenced sound. Maybe all of those lost songs will come back around one day

What were you listening to when writing the album that maybe affected its sound?
We pulled some inspirations from the newest Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys albums. This album certainly feels a little darker than our first album “Grey Sky Blues,” but that’s a good thing.

Who was the producer, and have you worked with him/her in the past?

Our album was engineered and recorded by our friend, Stefan Williams, but most of the production was done by our lead guitarist, Hunter Moss. This was our first time recording with the two of them, but it certainly won’t be the last!

Where did you record the album and why?
We actually recorded the album in drummer Jeremy Hunton’s parent’s house. We moved all the furniture out of the common area and set the drums up in the middle. We had guitar amps wired throughout the house and amps hiding in bathrooms and closets to prevent any noise bleed. It was quite a scene! We chose to record this way so that we could take our time recording and tweaking the songs. We ended up recording the base tracks in a weekend, and then overdubbed and played around with the instrumentation at Hunter’s home studio for several months after. We’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize to Jeremy’s parents.

Who all collaborated on the album and what were their roles?

We all did together. We usually start with some sort of foundation, which is usually Hunter or lead singer/guitarist Sean writing the song structure, or bassist Drew writing the lyrics. Once we have a foundation, we pick the songs apart and make edits and changes as we go along. Usually it takes a couple of months of tweaking and playing the songs before we are satisfied.

What’s the lead single?
The lead single is “Gravediggers Hands.” It’s as close as we go to writing a pop song on the album, but it’s really funky and can get you moving and grooving.

Favorite song on the new album?

Favorite song is probably “Peaches n’ Cream.” It’s a bit long for radio but it has a cool, sexy groove to it.

When you aren’t performing, writing or in the studio, what do you like to do?
Usually Mario Kart drinking games

What’s in store for the release show?
We’ll be playing at My Father’s Moustache this Sat. May 26. The show starts at 7 p.m. with Haley Mae Campbell on the back patio, with the nighttime festivities being kicked off by Bullets Benign at 9 p.m. We’ll take the stage around 10 p.m. and be rocking until 12:30 a.m. We will have some brand new T-shirts, posters, and, of course, our new album, for sale.

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