On Sat. June 23 from 3-6 p.m. lace up your running shoes, strap on your beer goggles, and head to the North Charleston Coliseum for Rusty Bull Brewing Co.’s 2018 beer mile — a mile of running and beer chugging to support the North Charleston Miracle League. The run tops out at 200 brave runners, so be sure to register — as an individual ($30) or as a member of a four person relay team ($65) — online in advance.

If you’ve never heard of a beer mile than you’ve likely never run one (lucky you). The concept is simple: Run a quarter mile, chug a beer, run another quarter mile, chug another beer. You get the idea — four laps, four beers. If you are in fact braving the bodily challenge, your ticket gets you four beers (no guarantees how long they last in your gut), a race bib and timing device, a parking pass, and one Rusty Bull pint glass.

Spectators at the Coliseum (the race takes place in an adjacent parking lot) can enjoy watching runners, of course, as well as perusing goods from local food trucks, The Misfit Chef and Johnny Poppers.

After the race head to Rusty Bull for the after party from 7-10 p.m. where you can enjoy live music from Whiskey Diablo, food from Herd Provisions, and an award ceremony. The winning relay team takes home a big keg and individual winners take home mini kegs — assuming runners want to drink any more beer after the mile.

Proceeds from this event benefit Friends of North Charleston and The Miracle League, with money specifically helping fund the 24,000 square foot Miracle League Baseball Field and inclusive playground in North Charleston.

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