Calling all sour beer lovers! Holy City Brewing is announcing the release of a new brew in collaboration with Blue Ion’s outdoor division, Outpost.

The beer, called Way Out There, is a hibiscus gose, pink in color and “funky, salty, crisp and tart,” according to a Holy City Brewing press release. The beer is light, coming in at a 3.3% ABV, making it ideal for cracking open on a hot summer day. Digging the nifty label? A press release says that the Blue Ion team designed the label, which features “plants and birds that are found in the Lowcountry, if you look closely enough while adventuring outside.”

This isn’t the first time Blue Ion’s Outpost and HCB have collaborated — over the past year, Outpost has designed labels for Sparkly Princess, Pedishaw, and Collisions Stout, so “brewing a beer together seemed like a natural progression.”

If this sounds like the brew for you, check out the release party at Holy City Brewing Fri. July 13 from 5 to 9 p.m. Way Out There will be available on tap and in crowlers at the brewery, and available at a couple of other spots in Charleston and Greenville (we’ll have some exact locations for ya soon).


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