If you missed out on Mardi Gras this year, don’t worry, the 4th Annual Jazz Crawl for Charity makes its way through downtown streets on Sun. July 8 to give the Lowcountry a taste of a ‘Nola’-style celebration. This block party on wheels will start by announcing a ‘King and Queen of the Krewe’ at 82 Queen at 3 p.m. The party will cruise by Mynt for a local artist showcase and through Marion Square for a cultural presentation, and wrap up at Prohibition at 7:30 p.m. for a Creole Dinner Party.

It’s not just about the partying, however: this Jazz Crawl is a space for rich cultural exchange as well, including opportunities to learn about Congo Square, Jazz Funerals, and Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs through performances by local dancers, musicians, and singers.

And let’s not forget the charity part, either. The Jazz Crawl is teaming up with the Allegro School of Music and NOLA Kid at Heart to provide opportunities music students and support communities.

Event tickets and more details are available at jazzcrawl.com/tickets. For information regarding volunteering, sponsorships, or press opportunities contact rick@jazzcrawl.com.


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