Imagine a block party where all of your neighbors are breweries, the potluck table is fresh Italian sandwiches, and the aux cord setup is a rockin’ local band. Thanks to the newly formed Charleston Brewery District, this fantasy becomes a reality Sat. July 7 at 2-10 p.m. at Cooper River Brewing.

Several new brews are being unveiled during the all-day event, including the district’s second collab beer, a perfect-for-summer classic blond American ale infused with blueberries from Black Pearl Farms, as well as Cooper River’s new Watermelon Wheat. There will also be ales unveiled by other members of the district, including Palmetto Brewing, Revelry Brewing, Fatty’s Beer Works, Munkle Brewing, Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co., Tradesman Brewing Co., and LO-Fi Brewing.

As we wrote this past February, the growth of the peninsula’s brewery ‘district’ seems inevitable, with breweries “enjoying a camaraderie uncommon in most lines of hospitality.” Cameron Read of Edmund’s Oast noted, “In a lot of industries, there’s kind of an us-versus-the-other-guy attitude — we’re the opposite. There’s plenty of people out there who like to drink beer, so it’s not like we’re stealing all of each others’ customers. We’re very happy other breweries around us so we can help educate the consumer, and they can too. We help each other.”

A Lotta Ciabatta will be serving up some classic Italian sandwich fare for alcohol absorption in the most delicious way, and Band of Brothers Acoustic will be onsite from 4-7 p.m. with some tunage. Keep checking back with the event Facebook page for more details as the day gets closer.


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