Dine for a good cause at Sorghum & Salt now through the end of August.

The Coming Street restaurant is partnering up with Grow Carolina and Rosebank Farms to offer a new dish — Potatoes-Black Garlic-Cheese Curd-Chive Oil-Cheese Whey — from which a portion of the proceeds will go to benefitting No Kid Hungry, a campaign under the larger anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength, that works towards eliminating hunger in the United States by providing meals for children from low-income families and teaching their parents to cook affordable, healthy meals.

“It’s always been my goal to go beyond offering foods to be enjoyed within my restaurants,” said owner and executive chef of S&S Tres Jackson in a press release. “To me, being a chef is also an opportunity and responsibility to impact my community in a positive way through food outside of Sorghum & Salt.”

Even a small contribution can go a long way — just $25 can provide a whopping 250 healthy meals for a child affected by hunger. You can donate directly through Sorghum & Salt’s campaign here, or, if you’re feelin’ generous and hungry, reserve a table at the restaurant on Resy or by calling (843) 872-6393.


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