South Carolina native Aziz Ansari returns to Charleston with a new show called simply, Working Out New Material (which, given the timing seems like more of a description than a title, but who knows?), on Tues. Sept. 4 at 7 p.m.

The Master of None co-creator and star, who earlier this year was accused by a woman of sexual misconduct in a first-hand account told to, returned to performing stand-up shows this May.

The Gaillard show is offering will call tickets only, which can be purchased online right this moment for $48.30 with fees.

This late-notice show, one of a few across the country it seems, signals how quickly Ansari’s star has risen over the last decade. The last time Ansari actually ‘worked out new material’ in Charleston was in Nov. 2009 as the last act at Upper Deck Tavern’s Monday open mic night. Parks and Rec debuted on NBC just a few months earlier. (RIP UTD.)

If you plan on going to Ansari’s show, leave your phone at home, or expect for it to be placed in a lockable pouch before you head to your seat. The Gaillard warns, “anyone caught with a cell phone or smart watch inside the venue will be immediately ejected.” Ansari is testing out new material, after all.

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