North Central Delicatessen (396 Huger St.) is offering a picture perfect special: get a professional photo shoot for your pup for just $35. There aren’t many places in Charleston that aren’t dog-friendly, but on Sept. 5, there’s a one-stop-shop for bagels and a portrait of your best friend.

While this offer is surprising at first — who wants beagle hair in their bagel? — one of the owners of North Central, Paul Cheney, is a professional photographer whose portfolio includes clients like Top Chef and the ol’ City Paper.

It makes even more sense after some additional context from their Instagram post: “We had a slightly slow June and July and this slightly odd, but light-hearted effort is intended to help us generate a little revenue to pay some bills and hire a couple new staff.  It is in the same spirit as a Kickstarter Campaign … but with dogs … A Dogstarter Campaign.”

Your pup gets 10 minutes to model, you get to pick your favorite shot to be edited, and Paul’s team works their magic and bam, you get your portrait. You get an amazing keepsake and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a local business. Imagine all the likes you’ll get on Instagram!

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