As if this city didn’t have enough accolades, Architectural Digest has named wine bar Vintage Lounge the most beautifully designed bar in the state of South Carolina. Hip, hip.

Designed by Charleston designer Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors, Vintage Lounge gets props for its Casablanca vibes, along with the use of mohair upholstery and antiques from Paris. You can’t forget the barrel ceiling and its gold-leaf detailing, either.
Berry’s other projects in town have included Colur Studios, Lewis Barbecue, Pancito and Lefty, Workshop, Hampden Clothing, and 86 Cannon boutique hotel.

Vintage Lounge joins the ranks of 49 other state bars, including: Alaska’s Aurora Ice Bar, featuring a bar carved out of ice and paired with stools covered in caribou fur; Idaho’s Hotel Ketchum’s The Hangout, with nature-inspired wallpaper and furnishings made out of tree stumps; and Wisconsin’s Taverne in the Sky, which sits across from the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau field.

Peruse the full list online.

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