Google has released its Thanksgiving Trends report, which analyzes directions used from Google Maps and general search terms over the holiday. They found that Thanksgiving day traffic is much lower than a typical Thursday, but Black Friday morning traffic is about the same as the usual Friday morning commute. It also looked at uniquely popular searches across the country and South Carolina’s was “City Government Offices.” We’ll save you the Google — they’ll be closed. Source: Fast Company

More in the drama of the failed V.C. Nuclear site: Dominion Energy executives testified that they’ll withdraw their interest in purchasing SCANA if the S.C. Public Service Commission orders a larger rate cut for SCE&G customers than Dominion suggested. Source: The State

Healthy Tri-County, a partnership between Trident United Way, MUSC Health, and Roper St. Francis Healthcare Healthy Tri-County, has released a report outlining recommendations to improve the health of the Lowcountry. Source: Charleston Business Journal

Headline: “How unregulated recovery homes are saving some addicts while endangering others” Source: Myrtle Beach Sun

Katherine the shark, a great white tracked by Ocearch, was pinged off of the coast of Charleston. Source: TC Palm [embed-1]

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