The countdown is on — Hotel Bennett is set to open its grand doors this weekend. If you can’t swing the $400+ a night for a suite (if you can, may we visit?), you can definitely staycation at the hotel’s signature restaurant, Gabrielle.

Helmed by executive chef Michael Sichel — who has worked in Europe and New Orleans — Gabrielle will serve a menu inspired by Sichel’s past and the “bounty of Coastal Carolina.”

The two-story restaurant and accompanying bar area will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Expect dinner items like caviar, red fish barigoule with sweet basil broth, lamb with minted cracked wheat couscous, duck a l’orange with roasted turnips and orange segments, and hand-grooved potato gnocchi with clams.

Sidle up to the white marble top bar — styled to emulate local architectural details along “with modern interpretations of wing chairs and Chesterfield sofas” — for craft cocktails (duh) plus a variety of oysters served broiled, shucked, and fried; Porcini-dusted Belgian frites; and a foie gras burger. The dining terrace opens out into Marion Square, with arched floor-to-ceiling windows offering a picturesque view during chillier months.

The restaurant, which, like the cuisine, “combines European inspiration with Southern sensibilities” will feature luxe details like built-in sofas and a private dining room for events. The dining tables are finished in bronze for another traditional-meets-contemporary look with comfy chairs upholstered in polished brown leather.

If you aren’t ready to settle in for caviar service, you should perhaps begin your Hotel Bennett experience at La Patisserie, the traditional French pastry shop serving sweets, sandwiches, and coffee beverages daily, accessible from King Street. Read all about award-winning executive pastry chef Remy Funfrock and his new beloved shop in this week’s paper.


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