[embed-1] Theresa Wolf’s Chug-a-Lug Wagon, the quaint/twee/precious drink mobile that famously kept High Water attendees — including the Carrie Ann Hearst — hydrated during last year’s fest can claim even more celebs have imbibed from the 1991 Italian Piaggio Ape.

Today, Wolf posted a video that gave some shoutouts to some of the Righteous Gemstones cast and crew — including familiar faces like Danny McBride, Adam Devine, Walton Goggins, Cassidy Freeman, Annie Cavalero, and Dermont Mulroney — sipping on some bubbly.

The caption reads: “Well folks, it’s our 1 year anniversary for#ChugaLugWagon ???????? and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate…Happiest of birthdays to the sweetheart @anniecavalero for having us out to chug with you!”

The Roughhouse Pictures production follows a family of Southern televangelists, with John Goodman as patriarch Eli Gemstone, McBride as son Jesse, Adam Devine as son Kelvin, and Edi Patterson as daughter Judy Gemstone.

Here’s to hoping Chug-a-Lug gets picked up for some small screen time — and that more local businesses will get some Hollywood love.

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