The Charleston City Paper was recognized at Saturday’s 2018 South Carolina Press Association awards, taking home seven awards, including top honors for criticism, in-depth reporting, enterprise reporting, and investigative reporting.

Each year, the S.C. Press Association hands out hundreds of awards to member media organizations of all sizes from across the state, recognizing some of the year’s best journalistic efforts.

Charleston City Paper is one of two alt-weekly newspapers in South Carolina — shoutout to our Free Times brethren.

City Paper arts critic Maura Hogan was awarded first place for Review Portfolio, an open category that spans all subject areas and competes with daily statewide newspapers across South Carolina. Three stories included in Hogan’s nomination included a Spoleto Festival overview, a MOJA overview, and a theater review.

Staff writer Adam Manno and freelance contributor Chase Quinn earned first place for Reporting-in-Depth for a series of stories on issues affecting Charleston’s LGBT community. Manno was also recognized with second place for Obituary Writing for his remembrance of Muhiyidin d’Baha.

Dustin Waters, a former CP staff writer who is now a freelance contributor, earned two first place honors. Waters’ May cover story reporting on the use of tourism tax money in “Selling Charleston” won first place for Investigative Reporting among all weekly papers. A September cover story by Waters examining substance abuse in the legal profession was also recognized for Enterprise Reporting.

Art director Scott Suchy earned first place honors in Photo Illustration for work accompanying Waters’ “Selling Charleston” feature.

Below is a full list of all City Paper honors at Saturday’s 2018 SCPA Awards:

Maura Hogan – First place, Review Portfolio
“Revisiting the artist-audience contract after Spoleto 2018”
“From MOJA to MAGA: Staging the African-American experience”
“PURE’s Straight White Men offers a new angle on privilege”

Adam Manno & Chase Quinn – First place, Reporting-in-Depth
Stories included: “Charleston’s public gay spaces have slowly disappeared. Do we need them back?”
“Charleston police commit to improving relations with LGBTQ community after trans woman’s assault”

Dustin Waters – First place, Enterprise reporting
“South Carolina attorneys look inward to address high rates of substance abuse and mental illness”

Dustin Waters – First place, Investigative reporting
“Selling Charleston: Driving tourism in the midst of a battle over marketing dollars”

Scott Suchy – First place, photo illustration
“Selling Charleston”

Adam Manno – Second place, Obituary writing
“Remembering and recreating Muhiyidin d’Baha”

Vincent Harris – Third place, Arts and Entertainment writing
“Jazz in the Joint helps sustain South Carolina inmates, if only for a few hours”

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