[embed-1] It was almost a year ago that Sean Brock announced he was loosening ties with the Holy City — namely with his restaurants Minero, McCrady’s, and McCrady’s Tavern —  continuing on as culinary advisor to the four Husk restaurants located across the Southeast.

Today, Brock announced on Instagram (and the Neighborhood Dining Group released a statement) that the chef will no longer continue on as an advisor, instead focusing his energies on his new East Nashville project “devoted to the cuisine and culture of the Appalachian region.”

In his Instagram post, Brock writes, “Watching my crazy idea for a restaurant that would only serve products from the American South expand into four cities will always be a highlight of my life … I”m excited to start the next half of my career here in Nashville focusing on the Appalachian foodways of my family. The restaurant that I am creating will be the one I plan to someday retire in and pass onto my children.”

We figured Brock would slowly fade out of the Charleston food scene, though his mark remains indelible. When we chatted with Husk exec chef Travis Grimes at the beginning of the year, he joyfully relayed his stories of Husk’s early days, with Brock at the helm of a new frontier. Grimes has embodied Brock’s mission — the gospel, as he says — sourcing from local and regional farms, creating gorgeous, flavorful dishes that are rooted in our terroir and merroir.

“It’s hard to master knowing how many different ingredients you want in a dish, to know what can be stripped away to show it’s purity,” Grimes said. “At this point it’s about how to do simple beautiful [dishes] to have that relationship with farmers and artisans — they’re turning over great responsibility to you. Your job is to present their work, showcase their hard work. They’ve been growing it for months you put it on a plate in a matter of hours. Show some respect.”

We trust with Grimes on the line, Husk will continue on as a beacon of southern cuisine. And we can’t wait to see what Brock has up his tattooed-sleeve.

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