Nashville via Charleston artist Page MacKenzie has released a new single, “Love Like That,” which she says is about the “excruciating feeling of being cheated on.”

Recorded at Saxman Studios in Music City with producer Grady Saxman (Luke Combs), the song is the first the artist has put out in three years, when she debuted with a self-titled EP recorded at James Island’s Hybrid Audio Solutions.

After moving away from Charleston three years ago, Mackenzie has been busy writing, working, and just exploring herself as an artist. “Love Like That” marks a rebirth and rebranding of the singer.

A CofC grad, Mackenzie had a national moment six years ago when she competed on Fox’s The X-Factor, getting a ‘yes’ nod from all four judges. Since then, she’s won a regional round of Nash Next (2016), with her single “Stay” getting play in Tennessee and beyond, and two summers ago she won Battle to the Beach, which led her to perform alongside artists like Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, and Lee Brice.

You can hear the track now on Spotify.


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