Last week, the Pour House announced the launch of its first ever festival, Into the Woods, a camping-friendly event set for Oct. 4-6 at the Woodlands, a 6,000-acre venue across from Middleton Plantation.

The fest features headliners Leftover Salmon, John Medeski’s Mad Skillet, Charleston’s Doom Flamingo, and Andy Frasco & the U.N., plus the Fritz, Funk You, Kitchen Dwellers, Sol Driven Train, Travers Brothership, Electric Kif, Kozelski, Robotrio, Schema, Reckoning (playing Workingman’s Dead), Reverend Jeff Mosier, Easy Honey, The Motown Throwdown, The Acid Test presented by Reckoning, Peaches for Peace: A Tribute to Allman Brothers featuring Travers Brothership + Robotrio.

Onsite, concertgoers can look forward to multiple stages of music amongst live oaks, while outdoor adventurers can enjoy 11 freshwater lakes, a black water swamp, and over 60 miles of wooded trails.

All general admission tickets come complete with passes for two nights of camping and three days of music. Wanna camp by a lake in particular? Upgrades are available for such prime spots in addition to camping with a vehicle or RV.

Tickets are officially up for grabs now at

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