Councilman and mayoral candidate Gary White is planning on hoppin’ on the Charleston subreddit tomorrow, Thurs., Aug. 8, from 5 to 7 p.m., for an Ask Me Anything.

OK, so for the tech-illiterate: Reddit is a news aggregation forum with separate “subreddits” for topics, like our fair city of Charleston. An Ask Me Anything, or AMA, is where someone–usually an expert, public figure, musician, etc.–will invite reddit users (redditors) to “ask me anything” – usually, to support their latest venture. In this case, White’s mayoral campaign.

“If you have any questions about my candidacy or my plans please join me tomorrow and spread the word,” White wrote in the post announcing the AMA. As og_the_so said: “A politician who is hip with the kids. This might be good.”

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