Former City Paper columnist Will Moredock passed away yesterday, Fri. Sept. 6. He was a City Paper columnist for a decade, writing over 500 columns for the city’s only alt-weekly newspaper.

Moredock, a native of South Carolina, had a extensive career in journalism, including a stint as a staff writer at The State and a position as news editor at Creative Loafing in Charlotte. He was founder, publisher, and editor of Point newsweekly in Columbia.

His City Paper columns covered South Carolina politics and culture — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Back in 2012 Moredock sat down with writer Susan Cohen to discuss his 10 years as a columnist and how much the gig took over his life:

“Seriously, I walk around with this column in my head all week long every week for 10 years. When we have Best of Charleston and we don’t have a column that week, holy moly, it’s like a vacation. I walk around with that thing in my head: What will it be this week? What will I write? It’s just constantly there, how will I develop it, and it’s just one little 800-word column.”

Those columns were more than just “little 800-word” pieces, though. To many, those columns offered a refreshing, and much needed, liberal perspective in a deep red state.

City Paper editorial cartoonist Steve Stegelin remembered Moredock in a Facebook post, writing, “He and I shared the editorial page of Charleston City Paper for a long stretch, at times exhibiting a bit of groupthink with complementary weekly contributions. … Even when his City Paper articles became less regular, he continued to be a vocal local advocate, and we’d cross paths when Democratic candidates came to town. He, and his advocacy, will be missed.”

Local artist and activist Torreah “Cookie” Washington shared her thoughts on her friend with us as well:

“I loved Wills so much. He was like a brother. Will wrote the best column about me ever. Then he took me to lunch because he thought I was mad at him about it,” says Washington. “The last five years of his life were the happiest. He found the perfect partner in Mariam [Moredock’s wife]. He was happy, really happy for the first time in his life. I am so glad they found each other.”

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