Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

The Daily

Oh my Gourd, specialty hot drink – $6
This half milk, half pumpkin spice hot drink is perfect for those cold, rainy fall days. 


Moraccan mint tea

For those of you who don’t like coffee but are interested in a fresh, wintry hot beverage, this Moraccan mint tea might fit the bill.

Merc and Mash

Matcha Latte – $4
Described on their menu as an “antioxidant-rich matcha green tea + milk” combo, this trendy drink might add some aesthetic spice to your social media.


Saffron Latte (investigate)

Bitty and Beau

Have to call or go

Second State

Gotta go see the menu or call

City Lights



Look into, maybe a honey latte. Sore throats caused by the often frigid temperatures of Charleston lol

Muddy Waters

Pumpkin cold foam cold brew damnit this isn’t a hot drink wow that sucks.

If you’re up for some strong coffee, this fall version of a cold brew will get you up and moving.

Metto Coffee and Tea

Honey latte with vanilla and honey, dusted with cinnamon – $4.30 for a small

This latte sounds like heaven for those prone to colds and sore throats during the winter season.

Vintage Coffee

Turmeric Ginger Chai Latte (decaf) – $4

A twist on the classic chai latte, this spicy concoction will certainly warm you up on those chillier days (if they come).

Orange Spot Coffee

No stupid coffees online

The Rise

Alright that is in the hotel, odd choice, i feel like they should be taken out probably.

Upstairs @ the skinny dip

Going to need to go in and call or sit in there.

Allegra Coffee

Freaking not online sucks

Harkin Cafe

Brand spanking new

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