A fundraiser to cover medical costs for local sound engineer Michael Rogers, after a hit-and-run incident, has been set up by his friends and family.

Rogers, a sound engineer at several venues including the Music Hall, was reportedly struck by a car downtown on Morrison Drive in the early morning hours of Oct. 27. A police report says Rogers was trying to cross the road to get to his car when he was struck. The vehicle involved in the incident fled, the report states, but a side mirror of the vehicle was collected into evidence at the scene.

According to one of the fundraiser’s organizers, Stacey Cornett, Rogers broke his tibia and fibula and is unlikely to return to work until at least December.

The fundraiser aims to raise $30,000 for Rogers through Gofundme to help cover Rogers’ bills and lost pay.

“Mike is caring, compassionate, and hardworking,” says Cornett. “He makes people feel heard and loved. He gives mindful hugs. He is always there to lend a hand, even when you haven’t directly asked. He is an active listener and sounding board for friends and acquaintances alike.”

A veteran of the local music scene, Rogers got his start as the bassist for All Get Out. He also worked at the Music Farm, works as the front-of-house sound engineer at the Charleston Music Hall, and is in the touring crew for Manchester Orchestra.

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