This Thurs. Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving, FYI) Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr., the executive producer and first-time director of a new documentary, Sound Off, will bring his film to the Regal Charles Towne Square at 6:30 p.m.

Sound Off “explores the Black male experience in real time by shining a light on the realities of what it’s like to exist day to day as a Black man without being heard.”

The screening is followed by a panelist Q&A. Pryor, a North Charleston native, felt inspired to create the film with Jay Dixon, of Dixon Film and Photography, after thinking about the lack of content that looked at Black male experiences in the world today.

Pryor recently expounded on the purpose of the film: “Empowering Black men in America never gets old. It’s needed work. Outside of church, therapy is the next level of support recommended for Black men with regards to safe spaces to share and heal … this film highlights another overlooked support mechanism which is peer mentoring, that is as effective if not more than the other avenues of community for Black men.”

Citing Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, a Netflix docuseries recounting the controversial Central Park Five case from 1989, as an inspiration to create visually, Pryor says that he would like his audiences to walk away with a little more knowledge.

He says he hopes those who view the documentary feel, “A genuine connection and more education on what the Black male experience is about — how they view themselves and how they feel they’re viewed by the world.”

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