[embed-1]High Wire Distilling co. announced the official opening of their new, expanded distillery and tasting room today, located at 311 Huger St.

The expansion includes a larger tasting room that will focus on educating visitors about spirits, local agriculture, and the distilling process.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg sung the praises of High Wire earlier this year, saying: “High Wire Distilling Co. has enjoyed remarkable success as a member of Charleston’s business community over the past few years, and I know that this trend will continue in their new and improved facility. Their commitment to sourcing local ingredients has surely contributed to their growth and success, and I am thrilled that this transition will allow them to continue that practice on a much larger scale.”

The distillery will be open Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Follow along with additional announcements and events on High Wire’s Twitter.

High Wire joins two other local distilleries in recent expansions: Firefly, which moved to a 20,000 sq. foot space earlier this month; and Charleston Distilling Co., which plans to reopen in its larger space on Johns Island this March.

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