[embed-1] As Vanity Fair put it in recently, “With Coronavirus, the work-out-from-home movement has a captive audience.” While some local workout studios and gyms are still open and operating, many fitness fiends are choosing to stay home.

We’ve rounded up some local folks to follow online to find that sweet release of at-home workouts, easy meditations, and good ol’ fashioned inspirational posts.

Are you a local trainer or athlete offering online fitness classes/tips during this time? Send all the info to

The Works offers streaming classes, from slow flows to high intensity cardio bursts. Sign up for your free three day trial now. Owner of The Works, Sarah Frick, has also been Instagram Live streaming some of the classes she teaches/takes.

Still Soul Studio will be offering a free, guided meditation on their Instagram this week. You can also follow along with their simple breath technique, outlined here.

Local yoga and meditation teacher Ashley Lauren is offering virtual private and small group sessions for yoga/meditation/breathwork/reiki.

Charleston-based yoga teacher Kathryn Budig has a number of online classes available at Follow her on Instagram to see some of her faves.

Owner of The F.A.S.T. Athletic Performance, Reggie Ellington Instagrams a lot of his workouts, demonstrating the importance of good form.

Transformation Yoga will be going live on both Instagram and Facebook throughout the week. Follow their ‘gram to stay tuned to streaming classes.

CorePower Yoga, which has a local studio in Mt. Pleasant, is offering a free week of online classes.

Charleston Power Yoga is temporarily closing its studios through March and will be launching streaming classes and guided meditations this week.

Yoloha Yoga will also be closing its studio through the end of the month and will be scheduling livestream options, follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

Locomotion Fitness is moving all of their classes online starting Wed. March 18. There will be coach-led group classes through the Zoom platform; learn more on the gym’s Facebook page. Locomotion has also created a Facebook group, Stay Healthy Charleston, open to anyone in town who wants access to health and wellness resources.

Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant and Summerville are hosting virtual run days>; instead of heading to either store on Mondays just go for a 3 or 5 run (FF will provide the routes), and post the run online. Holy Cow Yoga will be offering free live, online classes; learn more online.

Mission Yoga will have live streaming classes and meditations on their Facebook.

Barre Where You Are offers on-demand barre and yoga workouts. You can snag a free week trial and get 25 percent off your first month using the promo code GERMFREE.

Urban Yoga now has virtual offerings that are included with memberships. New folks can sign up for two weeks of unlimited virtual classes for $40.

Local fitness instructor Amelia Coggin is offering Instagram live classes (she’s developed a method, The Mils Method, that blends shadow boxing, plyometrics, and bodyweight sculpting movements) including one at 5 p.m. on Wed. March 18. Follow her Instagram to check it out.

Barre3 Charleston offers an online membership for $23.99 with live streaming and outdoor options. Email or call (843) 929-1629 to learn more.

Longevity Fitness is offering a series of online workouts. Purchase a weekly unlimited on-demand class subscription for $25/week through Mindbody. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access on-demand workouts.

Powerglow Yoga will begin to offer virtual classes starting Mon. March 23.

Aerial Fit is offering aerialists and other movement athletes classes to stay strong and mobile while at home with programs like “strength and flexibility,” “pull up bar workout,” and “handstand conditioning.” Sign up for Zoom classes online.

Still having a hard time taking a deep breath? A few years ago we chatted with local yoga teachers about how to keep calm in traffic. We think those tips still apply.

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