[embed-1] Ment Nelson has created yet another iconic Trump watercolor to get us through our current reality. The South Carolina artist, who had his first solo show in downtown Charleston last month, posted new work, ink and watercolor on cotton, earlier this week that depicts President Donald Trump perusing McAfee antivirus instructions.

Nelson says the tongue-in-cheek piece serves as comic relief, “to ease the worries of people during this time of uncertainty.” He says the concept for the piece came to him in a dream (perhaps one that occurred after a White House presser), and while it doesn’t have a name yet he’s thinking “Corona Cure Unboxing” may work.

When we chatted with Nelson ahead of his Meyer Vogl show last month, he talked about the power of platforms like Instagram.

“I always tell people: You can’t compare anything happening now to anything before the internet and social media.”

Now, while most of the country is practicing social distancing and staying home, Nelson’s social media-created art is just as powerful as ever.

You can buy Nelson’s art online at mentnelson.com

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