Editor’s Note: This is the first in a new series called “One at a Time,” where we compile a playlist of singles released

 by local artists in the last week. If your band is putting out a new track, let us know so it can be included. Stay sane, folks.

“Can’t Complain,” Jah Jr.

Jah’s back and he’s cooler than ever on “Can’t Complain.” After rapping his way through 2019’s excellent EP Still Dub, Jah took a more melodic approach on this new single, providing a peek at a different side of Charleston’s favorite Dublin native.

“Knife,” Daddy’s Beemer
Although they had to push their album release back due to COVID-19, Daddy’s Beemer is offering fans a consolation prize with “Knife.” Don’t be fooled by the bright piano chords at the top of the track; this an indie-rock punch peppered with big guitars and active drum patterns. “Knife” is only available on

“Solid Gold” and “Terrace,” Fake Fever
We’ve got Fake Fever to thank for our new additions to any chill playlist. Andrew Barnes’ (of Florida Man and Drunk Couples) wrote these new singles, “Solid Gold” and “Terrace,” under his chill-wave stage name Fake Fever. They’re groovy, synth heavy tunes that fit perfectly in the background of whatever you’re doing. Fake Fever’s lo-fi sound creates an effortlessly mellow vibe, sure to calm you down from the stresses of our world.

“032020,” Native Son
Benny Starr and Rodrick Cliche’s collaboration, Native Son, puts pen to paper just to simply get thoughts out — and yeah, it works. Deep reflection comes in this time of social isolation. Reflection that Native Son channels into this quarantine anthem. It’s a simple beat with relatable bars that articulate those thoughts spiraling in all our heads. Give it a listen just to feel a bit more at peace. “032020” is available on

“Know Yourself,” 87 Nights
Anybody else need something to groove to while we’re stuck inside? 87 Nights’ latest, “Know Yourself,” is a garage blues-rock jam that’s perfect for reminding the city of times when life was not depressing. It’s like stepping into the late ‘00s when underground rock bands were focused on fun and volume above all else.

“3:33,” Kween Katt
Sure, this one came out a little over a week ago, but we’re in the year of Katt so we’ll let it slide. “3:33,” Kween Katt’s latest her series of monthly singles, shows the Monck’s Corner rapper topping herself once again. A folk acoustic guitar sample accompanies her old-school flow and new age subject matter in one of her best produced songs to date. 

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