“Careless,” Emily Curtis
Wanting a good ol’ fashioned pop song to add to your next kitchen dance party? Well “Careless” is full of the Lizzo-esque positivity and classic pop star sound and energy that is sure to fit into your impromptu dance sesh. So grab your gals and have a dance party (from six feet apart, that is).

“Are we there yet,” Ray DeeZy
Here’s a question for you. Has Ray DeeZy ever not chosen a great beat? Like almost every song the guy’s done so far, “Are We There Yet” is impeccably produced. And just like the back track, DeeZy’s rhymes find that sweet spot between heartfelt, fun, braggadocios, and bare. Whether he’s comparing his wardrobe to Mr. Rogers’ or paying tribute to a dearly departed friend, DeeZy just keeps vying for our attention.

“Hung the Moon,” Grace Joyner
Grace Joyner’s latest track grabs the torch from her last single, “Fake Girlfriend,” and sprints with it. It’s not that it’s a better track; it’s more that “Hung the Moon” portrays the other sides of Joyner in 2020, expertly hinting at the directions her upcoming LP, Settle In, will go. Take the massive melody of the post-chorus instrumental, for example. It’s a far cry from the bass funk of “Fake Girlfriend,” but it’s no less effective. Check it out on Soundcloud.

“High Killah/Killah High,” Keep it Gullah
To reiterate, our next Ray DeeZy single continues the trend of great beats and great bars. Keep it Gullah is his collaboration with another underrated Lowcountry rapper, D$. “High Killah/Killah High” is artistically produced and full of masterful details. The track switches musically, and topically halfway through from a paranoid and timid beginning to an up-beat triumphant end.

“Coincidence or Fate,” John Brewster
John Brewster’s newest single has all the fixings of an indie hit. His distinct vocals layered over the singer-songwriter tone, choral backup, and stripped down moments of the track really come together in a natural way. It’s a song that feels like a sunny Sunday morning.

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