Julianna Angelo

Rapper Clayton James dropped a three-track EP on April 18 featuring J. Dilla beats and new verses, called Clayton Eats Donuts. Just like its namesake food, the EP’s sweet and doesn’t take long to consume.

“Glazed” kicks things off with a spoken word piece. “I’m bloated, quoted sometimes/ told to stick to dumb rhymes/ but I’m best after detention stops/ I unwind,” he raps before Dilla’s classic beat “Last Donut of the Night” kicks in.


James does something a little more straightforward on the second track, “Powdered Sugar,” making quick work of Dilla’s “Time: the Donut of the Heart.”

The rapper uses these three songs to show his appreciation for J. Dilla, who is widely considered one of the greatest producers of all time. “Dilla was probably my first favorite producer,” James says. “[I] definitely can remember just putting on Dilla beats on loop and practicing free styling when I was getting started.

Dilla was known for his experimental flare and soulful alternative hip-hop beats, exhibited on the critically lauded 2006 LP Donuts, released just three days after his death.

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