Heather MacQueen Jones

Starting this Sun. April 26 at 5 p.m., head online to peruse over 80 works of art from Charleston artists at 32auctions.com/artistsforfeedtheneed.

This fundraiser will benefit Feed the Need and Pay It Forward, local organizations comprised of farmers, restaurants, and community members that are working to feed F&B workers in need during the current coronavirus pandemic.

This auction was organized by Meyer Vogl Gallery’s Marissa Vogl, Katie Geer, and Laurie Meyer, and over 80 Charleston artists have donated their work. All pieces will be uploaded on the auction site by this Sunday.

Each piece has a starting bid price, with the actual value of the piece labeled below that. If you want to skip the business of bidding, you can choose to outright buy the piece (at a still-discounted cost).

Participating artists including Jill Hooper, Robert and Megan Lange, Betty Anglin Smith, Joyce Harvey, Mary Edna Fraser, Rick Reinert, and more.
[content-1] Feed the Need, originally created by chefs to help feed those at soup kitchens and shelters, joins Pay It Forward to fill grocery bags for F&B community members.

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