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Every Spring the Junior League of Charleston (JLC) hosts a diaper drive and this year, they’re going virtual. Starting this week, the JLC hosts a diaper drive to support their diaper bank, which distributes diapers free of charge to Lowcountry families in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacts children and families who lack access to basic baby needs. State and federal safety-net programs don’t allocate dollars specifically for diapers (WIC and SNAP are nutrition-based).

The JLC diaper bank is accepting diapers, pull-up training pants, and monetary donations. You can donate directly online to the diaper bank or JLC’s diaper bank campaign.

You can also donate via online registries and wishlists.

Drop-off locations include the JLC office (51 Folly Road) and barrels at participating Bi-Lo stores:

— 1200 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., West Ashley
— 860 Folly Road, James Island
— 3575 Maybank Hyw, Johns Island
— 1000 Tanner Ford Blvd., Hanahan
— 975 Bacons Bridge Road and 1625 North Main St., Summerville

JLC plans on a two-week drive to end May 6. Learn more about how you can help out online at

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