The Preservation Society of Charleston (PSC) will celebrate Preservation Month from a distance this year. The 2020 festivities will feature online meetings, events, and lectures throughout the month of May.

Kristopher King, the group’s executive director, will kick things off May 1 with a pre-recorded lecture on the Society’s formation and history. Another lecture will take place on May 13 to discuss the King Street Masonic Temple at the corner of King and Wentworth streets.

A lecture on the Carolopolis Awards, celebrating local historic preservation projects, will also be pre-recorded and released on social media on May 22. Preservation Month will end on May 29 with a live town hall-style meeting on Zoom with the PSC’s advocacy team

All through May, the Preservation Society will update their social media platforms with a weekly “quick read” on several historic preservation topics.

2020 marks the PSC’s 100th anniversary. Founded by Susan Pringle Frost in 1920, the Preservation Society advocates for the preservation of Charleston’s distinct characteristics, including historic and cultural resources.

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