Lowcountry Listens is live streaming a performance of She Returns from War on Wednesday at 6 p.m. This is the Americana singer-songwriter’s first Lowcountry performance in a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was fun because the band was getting back together,” songwriter Hunter Park said about her latest show. “It’s been really hard to be away for so long.”

Lowcountry Listens is a series created by the Gaillard Center that puts local artists on one of the city’s most prestigious stages for a live streamed show. The opportunity to perform live came after three months of change for Park and the music industry.

“Every musician has been in this space where they have to try to unlearn the way they know the music industry and they had to relearn something completely different,” she said. “During times like this is when people really need and crave art, but it’s hard to maintain your inspiration when you’re not having that live music connection.”

When putting the performance together, She Returns from War attempted to make the set a little family-friendly. “We didn’t do the cursing [songs],” she joked. “We stuck with the ones that are the standards as far as our live set goes, the things that we know the best.” Park said that, while she is working on a new album, she didn’t put any new songs into the upcoming show to leave an “element of mystery.”

Previous Lowcountry Listens shows featured violinist Daniel D. and Brendan James. Grace Joyner will take the Gaillard stage on July 1 and Will Blackburn will perform on July 8.

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