Throughout July and August, College of Charleston’s Jewish Studies Program is hosting a virtual Jewish Filmfest. With support from the Jewish Community Center Endowment, they will be showing three different Jewish films over six weeks, each movie showing for two weeks.

Each film costs $10 to watch (with special code cjff20) and will be available for 48 hours after buying the tickets for viewing. There are free zoom Q&A sessions with the filmmakers that accompany the streaming of the movies.

The films included this year:

Based on a bestselling book by Robert Seethaler, The Tobacconist follows the journey of a teenage boy who meets Sigmund Freud during his apprenticeship at a tobacco shop in Vienna. They form a heartfelt friendship, but as conditions in the city intensify due to Nazi occupation, they both have to decide how to handle the current events. (Available through July 24).


My Polish Honeymoon follows a newlywed Jewish couple as they travel to Poland for the first time. Though the trip’s original purpose is a honeymoon where they also plan to attend a commemoration for a grandparent’s past village, their travel ultimately becomes an opportunity to connect to their family’s roots and embrace their Jewish heritage. (Available July 31-August 14). Join a Q&A with filmmakers Aug. 4 at 1 p.m., register online.


When an athletic German prisoner of war unexpectedly becomes the goalkeeper for a local team near Manchester, he also ends up falling in love with a young English woman. A biographical love story, The Keeper follows the couple’s relationship as they overcome the obstacles faced due to public disapproval and backlash. (Available August 7-21, tickets will become available closer to the date).

Learn more online.

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