Spoleto Festival USA; Tune into PBS to hear from the festival's Director of Chamber Music, Geoff Nutall

Tune in Friday at 9 p.m. to South Carolina ETV to hear from Spoleto Festival USA’s Director of Chamber Music Geoff Nuttall, who’s participating in the season two premiere of PBS Great Performances: Now Hear This.

This Friday’s episode, “Haydn: King of Strings,” sees Nuttall traveling with the show’s host to locations in Austria and Hungary, as well as London and Charleston, looking at Haydn’s creative process behind his famous “Emperor Quartet.” 

The episode features the St. Lawrence String Quartet performing at the Dock Street Theatre during the 2019 Spoleto festival.

In a press release Nuttall described his affection for the work of Joseph Haydn: “My colleagues in the St. Lawrence String Quartet and I are incredibly passionate about Joseph Haydn. I’m convinced he created some of the greatest music of all time. And when we filmed in Charleston during Spoleto’s 2019 season, my top priority was for the camera crew to get some live footage of us playing Haydn in Dock Street Theatre. In the episode, you’ll see part of a concert — with people. That feels so special now.”

Tune in to PBS Friday to learn more.

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