Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash The JLC's diaper drive starts Sept. 21 and runs through Sept. 27

The Junior League of Charleston (JLC) is hosting their second virtual diaper drive of the year, this time in conjunction with National Diaper Need Awareness Week. The drive runs through Sept. 27.

There are a variety of ways you can help with the drive, including: hosting a Virtual Diaper Drive by requesting diaper donations and setting up a fundraising page; hosting a neighborhood, school, work or organization diaper drive; donating diapers at one of the public drop off locations listed on the JLC website and making a monetary donation to the JLC Diaper Bank. 

Created by the National Diaper Bank Network, Diaper Need Awareness Week mobilizes community efforts to end diaper need, an often overlooked and hidden consequence of poverty.

Before the coronavirus pandemic as many as one in three American families struggled to afford diapers for their babies; there are no state or federal child safety-net programs that allocate money specifically for diapers.

The JLC Diaper Bank has continued to see an increase in the number of families needing diaper assistance during the current pandemic.

To learn more about the Junior League’s Diaper Bank and fundraising efforts head to

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