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For the November 2020 general election, Charleston City Paper sent each contested candidate running for public office in Charleston County an eight-question survey to give voters an idea of their priorities.

You can find more information about key races on the ballot in recent issues, as well as our endorsements for most Charleston-area races. Candidates that did not respond are marked “NR.” (Note: Candidates had to return the survey to be considered for an endorsement.)  

Federal Races


Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian)
Donald Trump (R)
City Paper endorsement: Joe Biden (D)
(Note: Questionnaires were not considered for this race.)

U.S. Senate

Lindsey Graham (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Jaime Harrison (D)
(Note: Questionnaires were not considered for this race.)

U.S. House

Check back soon.

State Races

Note: Unopposed incumbents in House districts 108 (Hewitt) and 113 (Pendarvis) and Senate District 42 (Kimpson) were not sent questionnaires.  

S.C. House

District 15
Samuel Rivers (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: JA Moore (D)

District 94
Patricia Cannon (D, NR)
Gil Gatch (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: None

District 99
Mark Smith (R)
City Paper endorsement: Jen Gibson (D)

District 109
Rodney Travis (Libertarian, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Deon Tedder (D)

District 110
Rebecca Niess Cingolani (D)
City Paper endorsement: William Cogswell (R)

District 111
Ted Vining (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Wendell Gilliard (D)

District 112
Joe Bustos (R)
City Paper endorsement: Daniel Brownstein (D)

District 114
Lin Bennett (R, NR)
Brad Jayne (Alliance)
City Paper endorsement: Ed Sutton (D)

District 115
Josh Stokes (R)
City Paper endorsement: Spencer Wetmore (D)

District 116
Chardale Murray (D, NR)
Carrol O’Neal (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: None

District 117
Jordan Pace (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Krystle Matthews (D)

District 119
Leon Stavrinakis (D, NR)
Alex Thornton (Libertarian, NR)
City Paper endorsement: None  

S.C. Senate

District 34

Stephen Goldfinch (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Emily Cegledy (D)

District 37

Kathryn Whitaker (D)
City Paper endorsement: Larry Grooms (R)

District 38

John Lowe (D, NR)
Sean Bennett (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: None

District 41

Sandy Senn (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Sam Skardon (D)

District 43

Chip Campsen (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Richard Hricik (D)

District 44

Debbie Bryant (D)
Brian Adams (R)
City Paper endorsement: None

District 45

Margie Bright Matthews (D, NR)
Rodney Buncum (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: None  

County Races


Al Cannon (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Kristin Graziano (D)


Scarlett Wilson (R)
City Paper endorsement: Ben Pogue (D)


Herb Fielding (D, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Bobbi Jo O’Neal (R)

Clerk of Court

Dan Gregory (D)
City Paper Endorsement: Julie Armstrong (R)

Charleston County Council

District 3

Joe McKeown (R)
City Paper endorsement: Rob Wehrman (D)

District 6

Melissa Couture (Libertarian, NR)
Darryl Ray Griffin (R, NR)
City Paper endorsement: Kylon Middleton (D)

District 7

Brantley Moody (R)
City Paper endorsement: Sean Thornton (Libertarian)

Charleston County school district Board of Trustees

North Area (choose two)

Chris Collins (NR)
Kristen French
Kevin Hollinshead (NR)
City Paper endorsement: Charles Monteith, Courtney Waters

Downtown (choose one)

Regina Duggins
Lauren Herterich
Tony Lewis
City Paper endorsement: Lee Bennett

West of the Ashley (choose two)

Erica Cokley
Helen Frazier
Charles Glover (NR)
John R. Prioleau (NR)
Hunter Schimpff
City Paper endorsement: Francis Marion Beylotte, Chris Fraser

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