Name: Will Haynie
Party: Nonpartisan
Office: Mount Pleasant mayor

Haynie | Credit: Provided
  1. Why are you running?

I am running for re-election to continue our mission to preserve Mount Pleasant’s unique character and special charm, and to focus on the health of our people, our economy, and our environment. We will grow in a controlled manner, ease traffic congestion and address flooding.  

2. What do you expect to accomplish if elected?

I expect to provide a continuity of visionary leadership to a town that recently had four mayors in ten years and desperately needs a steady hand at the wheel. We will continue to rein in development as we have since I outlined reasonable measures for doing so in my first State of the Town Address in 2018.

3. What distinguishes your candidacy?

I have a proven record of protecting, planning, and restoring Mount Pleasant’s character, charm and environmental health. I’m the only candidate with a consistent record on these matters. I listened to the experts on COVID, and unlike my opponent, supported reasonable health measures. I have a proven ability to work with regional leaders.

4. Describe how the impact of climate change in the Charleston area would affect your work if elected.

The impact of climate change is serious threat to our region. We must heed the advice of scientists and engineers. As with COVID, we must take politics out of this issue. I’m for promoting green energy, have the town show leadership by using electric vehicles, and adopting even more components of a comprehensive stormwater mitigation plan.

5. Pick an issue you believe has not been adequately addressed by local government. Describe solutions you will pursue if elected.

There is much more to be done to lessen traffic congestion. Highway 41 is an example. This road needs to be expanded (I favor the “4-3-4” design) that will also protect Phillips Community. We cannot pave our way out of this problem – there isn’t enough right of way. We must manage growth and bring jobs across the bridges. 

6. Pick one urgent issue currently facing the office you are seeking (different from questions 4 and 5) and describe how you would address it.

I believe we must continue to do more to ensure affordable housing. I have and will continue to support common sense measures to ensure more affordable housing here. I also serve on two regional task forces that are addressing the issue.

7. Do you pledge to work with other council members to move forward collaboratively and to reduce partisanized bickering? How will you accomplish this?

Yes. Partisan bickering has no place in our town’s government and hurts our progress. There is no Democrat or Republican way to pick up the trash, to clean our roads after a storm, or to address flooding. Partisan rhetoric isn’t going to ease growth or protect our shrimping industry. This starts by defeating candidates insert partisanship in local elections or use their town office as a launchpad for partisan office. 

8. Please give a 150-word summary of your background. 

As a cadet at The Citadel, I was awarded the college’s highest award for leadership and character, and also learned to lead from the front as the cadet regimental commander. Professionally, I have published over 1,000 newspaper columns. As executive director of the Lowcountry Land Trust, I led an organization that preserved over 40,000 acres of land and which now holds the conservation easement on Boone Hall. I am married to a career public school science teacher, am the son of doctor, and I believe in education and in science.