Eastside Bagel Instagram

A beloved downtown Charleston bagel shop will permanently close its doors next week.

Eastside Bagel, which opened downtown on Line Street in 2018, will serve its last steamed bagel sandwich on Friday, Jan. 15, owners Jesse Warnock and Eric Mills announced on Instagram Friday.

“It is in both gratitude and sadness that we announce that Eastside Bagel will be closing it’s doors on January 15th,” Warnock and Mills wrote. “It has been an amazing three years and we are so appreciative of the staff (both past and present), our friends and families, the Eastside Neighborhood and all of our amazing customers for making this such a positive and amazing experience throughout our duration.”

Eastside Bagel Instagram

The longtime friends opened the shop in downtown’s Eastside neighborhood in 2018, serving creative steamed bagel sandwiches like the ham, egg and pepperjack cheese-filled “Urban Sombrero” for breakfast or the pulled pork “Maggie M’Gill” for lunch. Warnock and Mills did not state a specific reason for Eastside Bagel’s closure.

“It has been a joy and we hope that you will live on with fond bagel memories of us, as we surely will of you.  We are honored to have been a small part of your lives and hopefully brighten your days just a bit. Many thanks and love to you all.”  

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