Photo credit: Taylor Czerwinski

Charleston’s soulful pop singer-songwriter Kennedy Williams released her latest single, “In Between,” on May 14, a soft synth cascade punctuated by electric guitar melodies and driven by her delicate voice. 

The lyrics are an exploration of the human tendency to entertain new romances with reserve and curiosity: “You follow through with what you’re saying, that’s my love language,” she sings. The track has a balance between organic instrumentation and electronic components, which all came together at Silvergun Records studio in Los Angeles, where Williams currently resides while she finishes crafting a full album to be released in 2022. On the horizon is her return to Charleston to put together a band and switch up her solo artist approach. 

While she’s found her pace in the fast moving atmosphere of L.A., she thinks fondly of being tucked away in her home studio in Charleston. “I love the energy of Charleston, the laidback-ness.” It’s her appreciation for having space for the cerebral considerations of everyday life that fuels her songwriting. “The last six months have been more experiencing and not a lot of songwriting — staying present and being creative in different ways. I feel like I’m in a place where I can write something meaningful for others.” 

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